Rohit Chandra


Rooh.It allowed anyone to highlight any part of any web page – without having to install any software to their computer/browser. As we are browsing the web, it’s really only portions of a page that are relevant to us. Rooh.It empowered users to uniquely identify the soul of the web for each individual. These portions of interest were saved (along with a rich set of data), and made available to users at later points in time (called curation). Their friends and family – if authorised – could benefit from these nuggets. These portions of individualized interest are then utilized to discover related content and refine search results.

The friendly moniker of a yellow-highlighter-pen was provided to enable such content selection. A plethora of tools were created that allowed anyone (consumer, or business publisher) to enable highlighting on their website. Tools also included browser and platforms plugins for all popular products such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, WordPress, Joomla and many more. Rooh.It’s Google toolbar button was in the top 25 most popular buttons (right between New York Times & ESPN). More than 250,000 websites embedded Rooh.It and likely served hundreds of millions of webpages with Rooh.It technology.

An automatic means of adding a widget to any website/blog was provided: you could make highlights anywhere on the web, and the highlights would instantly appear on your own website – if so authorised by you.


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