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Rohit Chandra

Vanity Profile

LinkedIn Profile

Strategic Visionary:

  • About 3 Billion users using Rohit’s invention of the Personalized URL (patent # 6,085,242)
  • Pioneered Social Networks by creating the very first Social Network in 1996/1997 called eCode.
    • Attracted Millions of users to (think of eCode as Facebook meets LinkedIn. +Photos +eWallet +SSO…)
  • Pioneered Social Content Curation (pre Pinterest):
    • Consumer Win: in the 25 Most Popular buttons on the Google Toolbar;
    • Publisher/Enterprise Win: 250,000+ websites embedded Rooh.It technology; serving over a hundred million web pages
  • Around 1998: pioneered cloud storage (pre Dropbox & Box), cloud-based photos (pre Instagram, Flickr, Snapfish), Auto-login (pre Chrome Saved Passwords), and form filler technology (pre Chrome Autofill)
  • Commercially pioneered Single Sign On (fbConnect/OpenID), pioneered electronic wallet and payment systems; browser toolbars; Newsfeed etc. in 1999

Products & Technology

  • 20+ years of building leading software products in use by tens of millions of users.
  • 17 issued US patents in search, social networking, web, content curation, highlighting, widgets etc.; numerous additional patents pending.
  • Hands on with Engineering and Product Development teams: built cloud-based SaaS, AJAX, Mobile applications in 1998 before SaaS was called SaaS; and before AJAX was called AJAX…
  • M.S. in Comp. Sc. from Vanderbilt Univ; B.S in Computer Science from Delhi Institute of Technology

PR / Evangelist / Media Fame

  • Business Card of The Future” – BusinessWeek headline, in article about eCode
  • Written up in 300 of the world’s top publications: New York Times, Wall Street Journal…, and TV (CNBC etc.) Masthead in national news media.
  • Poster-child of the Internet Revolution in India.

Affiliations & Biz Dev

  • Single handedly led ~400 partnership deals for eCode including signing on ~100 enterprise customers.
  • Personally opened, negotiated, closed and consummated numerous million-dollar-plus contracts/Agreements and Transactions.
  • Retired Charter Member of TiE – very well-known member of the community since early 1990s.

Fund Raising:

  • Raised millions of dollars in equity financing for three companies; multiple rounds. Worked on S-1 with bankers. Valued in excess of US $2 Billion.
  • Post due-diligence, invited to pitch to entire partnerships on “Monday Mornings” at Sequoia, KPCB, USVP, NEA, Norwest Championed by Mike Moritz and Vinod Khosla.
  • Connected to many Tier-1 VCs and Angel groups.

Recognition (in the company of giants):

  • eCode & Rohit are featured in the “History & Times of The Internet” — 2001
  • Keynote Speaker at 1999 Internet World (the largest Internet conference in the world, 80,000 attendees)
    • Other Keynote Speaker was Ram Shriram (Google: Board Member & first Angel)
    • Previous year’s Keynote was Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail: Founder/CEO )
  • eCode executed better than competing services like Microsoft Passport (CEO Bill Gates) and Novell’s DigitalMe (CEO, Eric Schmidt, later Google CEO).
  • Featured guest on 5-person panel on major TV networks along with stalwarts like
    • Narayan Murthy – Founder/CEO: InfoSys (multi-billionaire)
    • Sunil Mittal – Founder/CEO: Bharti (multi-billionaire)
  • Profiled by Business India: as one of the most successful Indians in the US along with Vinod Khosla, Amar Bose, Kanwal Rekhi, Desh Deshpande, Vivek Ranadive, Navin Jain, Vinod Dham.. and ~50 others.
  • Picked to be – one of only four – top Executives (CxO/VP) by Silicon India.
  • “Companies such as Hotmail, Exodus, and eCode provide examples of Indians who have taken Silicon Valley by storm” – Azim Premji, Wipro: Founder/CEO (richest person in the world at the time) said in a press interview.


Versatile, Diverse, Serial Entrepreneur: excellent insights into the startup eco-system with hands-on, deep domain expertise having successfully built:

  • Internet/Web Startups: Hands on with all aspects from conception to design & and development to ultimately launch.
  • Private Equity & Public Markets: due diligence on startups, pitches, day trading, angel investing, limited partner in Venture Capital (VC) Fund etc.
  • Patents/IP company: Deep, detailed insights and personal experience with patent/trademark filings, prosecution, office-actions, PTAB, licensing and monetization.
  • Real Estate venture: deep domain expertise with domestic buy/sell/rent SFR, ROI, contracts, tenants, legal, international real estate, and all aspects.
  • Professional Services & Recruiting Company: Tech PeopleNet provided technology consulting for numerous enterprises with consultants from all aspects of software development.
  • Media (Radio) company: Conceived, produced, hosted and delivered extremely successful and popular over-the-air, interactive Talk Radio Show on Entrepreneurship called Sapne Salamat.

LinkedIn Profile

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