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Rohit Chandra

In the News

eCode was widely hailed as a unicorn company (valued in excess of a billion dollars) and has been mentioned in an assortment of case studies (e.g. The Internet Economy Indicators) and books (e.g. Online IT Politics & Diplomacy).

The company is also featured in the History & Times of The Internet – 2001, and has been written up in many of the top global media publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, BusinessWeek, PC World, C|Net, Forrester, Jupiter, Economic Times, Times of India and many, many others.

eCode valued in excess of 2 billion dollars (Z-News)

(at the time 8,000 crore Rupees equated to 2 billion U.S. dollars)


2 Billion $ valuation (Times of India)


Business Card of The Future (BusinessWeek)


Pioneer in E-Wallet (New York Times)


eCode executing better than Bill Gates’ Microsoft & Eric Schmidt’s Novell (C|Net)

Net efficiency tools flooding market - CNET-markedup


More random samples of news sightings shared below.


Perhaps, some day a more comprehensive library of news clippings might be made available here (In the meantime, another partial set can be viewed on the Wayback Machine).


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