Rohit Chandra

Real Estate

Following his passion for real estate, Rohit worked on MetroScan (zillow on a CD) way back in the 1990s before the Internet 😉 As 1 of only 3 developers he got to work on some really cool technologies, and more interestingly their application. MetroScan (by Transamerica) was the pre-eminent and leading software used by realtors, appraisers, lenders etc. across the country with monthly/quarterly CDs shipping to customers.

More than decade ago, Rohit started getting involved with residential real estate and has deep domain expertise and hands on knowledge of residential real estate: right from investing, due-diligence, REO, acquiring, short sales, remodelling, renting, and what-have-you. Having written hundreds of offers, managing multi million dollar portfolios, and exploring a diverse array of opportunities; often times his friends have suggested he should just get a realtors’ license! ?