Rohit Chandra

Uganda – 2

Backpacking Through Africa


By now I have driven thru the entire the breadth of Uganda & back, so here I am with my


  • Just as you cross the border into Uganda, one sees these hundreds of men in Pink shirts
  • The “pink shirts” are drivers of 2 wheel taxis (called boda-boda) You can ride on the back of a bicycle, a moped, a scooter, or a motorcycle – quaint, eh?
  • Little children are the MOST adorable in Uganda: they wave to us as we drive by with both hands in the air & both hands waving 🙂
  • Adults too wave at us and hold up the universal sign for Peace – occasionally one of them will even yell out Peace!
  • Smiling people all over
  • But why were there so many coffin shops in Eastern Uganda?
  • Most school uniforms are bright pink! And then some navy blues and dark greens
  • Thick dense jungle foliage (in parts) – very Equatorial
  • The country has billions of banana trees – it seems the wild trees are banana trees too
  • Lots of papaya, pineapple, jackfruit, sugarcane & maize
  • The cattle are very distinct in appearance with loooong starting-out-straight-and-then-curvy horns
  • Most rural homes are round: made of mud & cow dung with a thatched roof
  • Yet there are LOTS of brick kilns
  • …and patches of burnt fields – apparently to prepare for the next season
  • Bags full of coal standing by the roadsides (for sale)
  • Storks! On top of buildings – in downtown! In the fields! On garbage dumps! EVERYWHERE! (very very strange sight to see these huge birds all over – flying & landing!)
  • The national daily – New Horizon – has signboards/billboards at most lampposts: and they are ALL updated DAILY with “Today’s Headline” – pretty incredible!!
  • At truck stops hawkers come to sell you chicken-on-a-stick!
  • In Kenya they were selling Tusker beer everywhere, here it is Nile Beer (but its still about beer :), i.e. all the hoardings, signage, walls – everything is a commercial for Nile Beer
  • THE SOURCE OF THE NILE RIVER – yes I swam in it! 🙂
  • Crossing the Equator – Did you know: Water poured down a bowl (e.g. toilet flush) flows clockwise in the North & anti-clockwise in the South! And straight down at the Equator! You can actually see all three behaviors a few meters apart from each other, how about that?

Watch the toilet flush next time 🙂 while I’m gonna go back to my

Kwa heri,

Vicarious is not the word for the day :), ‘Asante’ is! (meaning Thank You in Swahili.)