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Rohit Chandra


Update from the Dark Continent

Hello People! (or Jambo! – as they say in Swahili)

Still alive & kicking – with a quick update:

August 7th 2001

After traveling for about a week in Kenya, I am now traveling in the back of a Truck traveling thru Africa. I expect to be living on the truck for about 2 weeks as I go thru the land of the nefarious Idi Amin (Uganda) and onto Rwanda to see the last of the mountain gorillas at close quarters.

There are only about 260 mountain gorillas remaining in the world and they live only in the mountains in the Congo jungles. This is a very volatile part of the world right now with regional armies from 9 countries along with who knows how many local factions of “guerillas” in the mountains engaged in constant war – oh how exciting 😉

The plan is to cross over from Uganda into Rwanda and trek thru the jungles – hopefully find the gorillas in 4/5 hours. In my next update I will try and share with u my impressions of Uganda.

Until next time,


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