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Rohit Chandra

Public Speaking

Rohit has appeared on hundreds of TV shows, radio shows, conferences, industry events: moderated, presented, spoken at, and delivered the Keynote address. He has traveled – domestically, and internationally – to be a paid, and featured speaker.

Radio: Talk Show Host
Rohit hosted an over the air Talk Radio Show on entrepreneurship (with a reach to millions of listeners); and of course has been appeared as a guest too 😉 Sapne Salamat was a one of it’s kind show that invited (i) highly successful entrepreneurs with multi billion dollar exits, established Venture Capitalists with billions of dollars under management, (ii) serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, and (iii) aspiring entrepreneurs, lawyers, public relations service providers etc. – everything around the startup ecosystem that would help people Live Their Dreams.

Rohit has been the feature of numerous TV shows about entrepreneurship, Web technologies, social networking, and real estate. He has been a featured guest with Q&A style presentations; as well as on panels e.g. he was invited to be on a national 5-person panel with the Finance Minister of India, and the heads of Infosys, and Bharti Telecom – Narayan Murthy & Sunil Mittal – for expert perspectives on the national Budget, as it was announced. Many of these shows were live-cast to hundreds of millions of homes across a hundred+ countries.

Industry Events
Having presented at innumerable industry events, he has also played host/moderator, and been a ‘shark’ more than once judging entrepreneurial pitches. Rohit delivered the Keynote Speech at Internet World with ~3,000 attendees in the Keynote Hall, and ~80,000 attendees at the show itself.

As an entrepreneur/CEO, over the years Rohit has spoken at, and presented at innumerable meetings with  investors, venture capitalists, investment bankers, prospects, customers, employees, analysts, journalists, reporters, camera crews…

Discussion Group
Founded and organized a salon style discussion group for in person discussions. The group had hundreds of members from all walks of life and used to meet at a local coffee shop once a week to talk about anything-under-the-sun. It was supposedly for “intelligent discussions” 😉 Rohit moderated all the in person discussions as well as any online follow-ups.

Personal Life
While in college, he was the Captain of the Debate Team and the Captain of the JAM (Just-A-Minute) team. While he was in college, he was the de-facto M.C./Host for many college events. He even used to host a weekly salon style discussion group – that he moderated as well – for years on end. And of course at friends & family events 😉

Fun Fact
Beyond business programs on CNBC etc, he has also appeared in a film by National Geographic carrying a 400lb python, and been in an Egyptian feature film. 🙂 and dabbled with stand-up comedy too!

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