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Rohit Chandra

Startups Founded

Rohit is the quintessential startup guy having started a variety of companies. Always the hands-on founder he likes to roll-up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. He works on all aspects of what it takes to make the venture successful. As the idea guy, right from conceiving the idea; to identifying a problem scope; solving for it; building a team – hiring individual contributors, management, and executives; developing the product; raising funding; marketing the product/idea/technology; protecting the Intellectual Property; and ultimately selling.

Product Companies: Web (Consumer, Enterprise, & SaaS)

He has started 3 companies in the Web Products/SaaS space – raised millions of dollars in private equity (multiple rounds, multiple companies) as the sole founder, and long term CEO of each.

  1. The first, was – arguably – the very first Social Network ever.
  2. was the very first content curation play.
  3. The third he believes will create another category on the web in the coming times.

The first two companies have created new categories on the Web. He seemingly has the unique vision to predict the need in the marketplace is and how that need can be fulfilled.

(Public &) Private Equity

With a passion for startups – and a career spanning 20+ years as an entrepreneur, he has been a limited partner in a Venture Capital fund. Rohit was a Charter Member of TiE, involved with Keiretsu Forum, AngelList, TiE Angels… and listened to, actively provided feedback/insights to hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneur ‘pitches’. With expertise in Private Equity, Rohit has made forays in the public markets as an investor, and a trader.

Patents & Licensing

The value of IP, particularly patents is not lost on Rohit. With deep domain expertise in all aspects from prosecution (applying for patents) all the way to licensing, and if need be litigating: filing for patents, responding to Office Actions (101, 102, 103, 112 rejections.. objections..), PTAB, issuances, maintaining etc. He does all the work pro-se and believes that the quality of patents developed, and claims issued, without an attorney in the middle is often better.

Radio Show

Following his passion for entrepreneurship and Startups, he started a one of it’s kind Talk Radio Show, Sapne Salamat, on over-the-air radio: invited (i) highly successful entrepreneurs with multi billion dollar exits, established Venture Capitalists with billions of dollars under management, (ii) serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, and (iii) aspiring entrepreneurs, lawyers, Public Relations service providers etc. – everything around the startup ecosystem that would help people Live Their Dreams.

Professional Services & Recruiting

He also founded and ran: from zero to multi-million dollar ARR professional services, consulting & recruiting company where he held whole-sole responsibility for all aspects of PNL, client development, recruiting, contract negotiations, human resources,  legal, accounts receivable, accounts payables, benefits…

Real Estate

Having developed software for real estate, to investing in real estate, Rohit also has a real passion for it.

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