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Rohit Chandra


Rohit has contributed/published articles to professional publications with circulation in the hundreds of millions. He has also been quoted, written up in over 300 of the world’s top business publications (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek…)

Editorial & Content Creation
Back in college he was the Editor for the college magazine, and was also accused of being the force behind an underground publication… many decades later, the source of said publication remains at large… 😉

Web Content
During the course of his professional career he has created the content for over a thousand web pages, and routinely authored a periodical to the entire user base of over a million readers.

Marketing, Articles, etc.
Over the course of his professional career and entrepreneurship, Rohit has developed scores of brochures, marketing literature and Powerpoint pitches towards a slew of varied audiences. He has also written numerous articles that have been published at various disparate locations. In fact most of his patent/legal work too is authored by him pro se.

With a unique & distinct style of writings, some of his unedited travel “blogs” sent out as email updates can be viewed here.

A book may be in the offing… 🙂

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